Located 5 miles south of Smithville, Ok. and 40 miles N. of Broken Bow, Ok.
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“The Super Boar”


As a hunter and taxidermist from Colorado I get to see and hunt some incredible animals, but my hunts at Wild Boar Ridge have been the most memorable. In fact these are the hunts I look forward too the most every year! The property is beautiful, the guides are as good as they get, and the trophy quality is amazing, (we take and/or see monsters every year.) ! Be very careful if you book here, Wild Boar Ridge is a very addicting experience, most of the hunters I have brought to the ranch over the years have returned.


Chris Yaryan

Yaryan Taxidermy
Castle Rock, CO


Mr. Dale,  LaDale, & Lane,

I would like to say that I am 42 years old.  I have had the opportunity to hunt in several different places, but I can’t think of any that are as enjoyable as when we go each year and spend a weekend with ya’ll.  It’s almost like going home.  I don’t believe that there are nicer folks around that are as hospitable and welcoming as ya’ll.  As far as the guide and hunting services, I only have to tell Mr. Dale, LaDale or Lane what I am looking for, and in no time it’s in my sights.  I also enjoy the way the whole family fellowships with us at meal time.  I’ll also say that Mr. Dale does a real fine job on smoking a hog.  For the last 3 years I have had the opportunity to hunt at Wild Boar Ridge and each year I look forward to coming out to see ya’ll.  Thanks for all you do for us and for helping create many happy memories.

Your friend,
Richard Slaughter
Anacoco, La.


I have had the privilege of going on four hunts at Wild Boar Ranch.  All of which were exceptional, but for me the most memorable hunt, was the hunt I made in 2010 with the regular gang, but this time I brought my dad.  He was very sick, but still came on the hunt with me anyway.  We made some of the best memories there at the ranch.  After this hunt he entered the hospital, and it was down hill from there; however, the whole time his favorite topic was that hunt, and the beautiful ram he took while there.  In September of that year we lost him, and I am forever thankful for the wonderful memories I have of him on this hunt.  I will speak for myself and for my dad, and say that Mr. Dale   are some of the most hospitable folks you’ll want to have the pleasure of knowing.  Also Mr. Dale, Mr. LaDale and Lane’s knowledge of the ranch and the animals they keep is exceptional.  The guide services are the best that I’ve ever experienced on any hunt.  So thanks to these guys for all their hard work.  So thankful to have found a truly remarkable place to not only go on a hunt, but to be treated like part of a family.  Thanks to all at Wild Boar Ranch for the great times and most importantly, the great memories!

Wade Daily & Dad (Rev. Bill Daily)


Mr. Dale and LaDale,

I must say that I really enjoy our yearly hunt. It is one of the most refreshing trips I have ever been on. The family atmosphere is a welcoming part of the hunt. It is the perfect way to get away and relax and rejuvenate from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The colorful characters on this ranch make it a good down home place to go and just enjoy yourself. The guide services are above and beyond any that I have ever experienced. These guys know their animals and the ranch inside and out. It is never hard to find just what you’re looking for, and before you get there you know you’ll leave very satisfied and pleased with the whole experience. I also have to mention the amazing southern  on the table each trip. These folks are so hospitable they make you feel like family. Thank you for the wonderful memories and the pleasure to get to know you guys.

God Bless, Rev. Ryan McNeely
Hornbeck, La.


Mark Jenkins took his family hunting at the Wild Boar Ridge Hunting Ranch with Dale Toon guiding their hunt. Mark says after 35 years of hunting, this was the most AWESOME hunt of his life because , as Mark put it, “it was a hunt with just he and his family,” wife Kathy and daughters Kyliegh 14, Kelsie 10 and Hunter 4. Mark didn’t kill a thing, but his girls sure did! Kyliegh and Kelsie each killed a Trophy Ram and Kelsie was also was also able to kill a Trophy Boar that weighed in at 250 lbs. with 2 3/4″ Tush turning out to be the second largest on the ranch. Kelsie took her boar at 28 yards shooting it through the shoulder plate using a Barnett RC 160 Crossbow with a Blackhawk 30/06 arrow armed with the Tekan 100 grain broadhead. Mark said, “I didn’t even take my bow in the woods but I took home the BEST TROPHY EVER! The memories of this hunt will be with me forever.”