Dale, Tabitha and LaDale . Just wanted to thank you all. The family treated our group like family. Dale and La Dale know how to find hogs. Tabitha cooks some of the best wild game I have ever had. They take care of there guests and have fun doing it. This is our third year there and will see you all next year. Thanks Again Uncle Si and the Tailpiper Hog Hounds

I have been on several other big game hunts, and want to tell you and your family how satisfied I was to hunt on your ranch in January 2004. My desire was to take a boar with my bow, and you guys were able to put me on a great boar. Then to top it off with a trophy ram the following day, also with my bow. You treated our group like we were family. We were fed excellent meals and your rates are very reasonable. I would recommend the Wild Boar Ridge Hunting Ranch to those wanting an excellent hunt.

Dennis O’Bryon

We had a great time and your family was outstanding. I really appreciated your hospitality and look forward to coming back again. Thanks a lot for everything and I will tell all my friends about your hunting resort.

R. Shawn Terrel, AARE
Regional Auction Manager
Wiggins Auctioneers & Associates LLC.

We would like to say how thankful we all are at the hospitality your entire family showed our group during our hunt at Wild Boar Ridge. From start to finish, the trip was incredible! The staff, meals, accommodations, and the hunts were outstanding, but MOST important were the relationships created between your family and ours… that’s the icing on the cake! Preacher Bill, Preacher Ricky, Gary Moody and I could not have been more pleased.Again, thank you so much and pass our appreciation on to the rest of your family.

We WILL be back!!!Kenny Frasier (AKA Mr Nasty Tattoos)

Dale and Ladale,
Just a quick note to tell yall thanks. I had a great time this last weekend at your ranch. Yall were so friendly and very hospitable. I think I brought home more than a hog. I brought home some great memories and a little bit of an accent.I look forward to seeing you all (yall) again next year and tell Ladale he promised we would go catch one live one night I am there and that a small stream of water is a crick not a branch. lol.Take care and keep in touch.

Rick Werner
P.S. Bob needs a raise!!C.

Just wanted to tell you that your hog hunt made some real happy and satisfied hunters out of us and the kids are already bugging us to come back thanks very much.


Two days of really excellent hunting. Eagle eye your helpfulness and good guidance made all the difference in putting those horns on my wall and the memories that will last me a lifetime.  Thanks for making feel at home and for making a hunt I’ve been dreaming of since I was a kid so memorable; it was everything I hoped it to be.

Ockie Schoeman (South Africa)

Dear Dale,
I just wanted to take this time to let you all know how much I appreciate the great time I had at your ranch. Hunting wild boar was my first time and this hunt has been an experience that I will never forget. The meals that we had was some of the best home cooking. We appreciate the time you had taken to dress out , skin, and quarter our hogs. I hope to see you all again. So, to everyone that helped make this hunt one of my best.

THANK YOU!Thank You!

Dustin Holman
Billings, MT.


Just want to say I’m 62 years old and on my very first hog hunt. Dale took every measure to make sure that I was able to kill a nice hog. I’m amazed at the time he spent working with me and I enjoyed every minute of it. Howard also got a great hog and we hope that we will be able to return and hunt again sometime.

The hospitality and food was absolutely wonderful.

Thanks again for a great time and hunt!

Howard and TC Haggard